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As our bank customer you need to be especially vigilant to some of the newer frauds at work in cyberspace.  Fraudulent emails, appearing to be from a trusted source such as your bank, or a government agency, direct you to fraudulent websites.  Once there, you are asked to verify personal information such as name, account numbers, credit card numbers, and passwords.  These sites are often designed to look exactly like the site they are imitating.  STATE BANK will NEVER send you an e-mail asking you to disclose or verify any of your personal information.

If you receive an e-mail that warns you, with little or no notice, that your account will be shut down, “frozen”, or otherwise negatively affected unless you re-confirm certain information, please DO NOT click on the e-mail link.

Instead, please contact us at (785) 675-3261 and report this email at once.  Clicking on a link that looks legitimate may in fact direct you to a fraudulent website where crooks will steal your personal information. 
Remember, State Bank, the FDIC, or a government agency will never send you an alert asking you to disclose your personal information.

Ways to Protect Yourself

  • Never share your username or password with anyone.
  • Change your passwords frequently.
  • Choose a strong password by using uncommon words and a combination of letters and numbers.
  • Never provide anyone with your personal information from unsolicited e-mail or phone requests.
  • Don't click on links within e-mails.  Instead, type the web site address into your browser.
  • Never e-mail your personal account information such as account numbers, usernames, or passwords to anyone.  Instead, contact us and we will respond accordingly.
  • Keep your anti-virus software and other security software updated.

Protecting your finances and privacy is an important matter. The following links gives you information that can help you protect yourself from fraud, losses and lack of privacy.

This page is for your reference and is provided as a resource. If you feel like you are a victim of fraud or identity theft relating to your State Bank account or card, please contact the bank immediately at: 785 675-3261

Identity Theft

Identity Theft Resource Center
US Government ID Theft Center

Email fraud

Credit/Debit Cards

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Federal Trade Commission – Credit Fraud


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